To establish a Surety Program for your business free of charge:

  • Complete and submit our Contractor's Questionnaire and owner's Personal Financial Statement forms (available on-line) along with (1) the year-end business financials for the last two completed years, (2) your most recent available interim statements for the current year and (3) a copy of your current Certificate of Liability Insurance.

To request a Bid Bond to be issued free of charge under your Surety Program:

  • Complete and submit our Bid Bond Information Form (available on-line).
  • Bid Bonds will be issued on standard AIA Document A310 forms unless another specified form type is indicated and a clean copy is provided by you.
  • Review the specifications carefully. Maintenance Bond coverage over one year will result in additional bond premium should yours be the successful, low bid.

To request Performance & Payment, Municipal License, Union Wage & Fringe Benefits, Government Agency or other miscellaneous surety and fidelity bonds:

  • Complete and submit our Bid Bond Information Form (available on-line) by striking the word "Bid" and clearly indicating your bond need with all applicable information.
  • Offered final bond terms will be promptly confirmed and the applicable bond premium rate quoted. Additional information, such as a bid spread explanation, private job funding letter, and a copy of the contract or applicable union or license/permit documents, may be required by the surety for underwriting approval.

To request Consents of Surety, Prequalification Letters and any other documents:

  • Submit all the information needed for UBIL to respond to your request.
  • Our office will promptly reply with any additional documentation needs or other questions to be answered in order to obtain necessary underwriting approvals.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Changes to contract amounts, which result in an increase or a reduction in bond premium of at least $100, will be adjusted and invoiced to you accordingly. All invoices are due and payable upon your receipt of the issued bonds. If you have questions about your applicable bond premium rate, contact UBIL directly.
  • Program capacity, required terms (e.g. Escrow and/or ILOC collateral) and rate structure are based upon the underwriting file information that you provide to UBIL. Keeping your file information current avoids potential delays. Most sureties require your file information to be less than one-year old for bond underwriting purposes.
  • If you have any questions, contact us by phone at 800-251-1001 or 847-277-7544, fax at 800-256-2969 or 847-277-7545 or e-mail at pjohnson@unitedbondingllc.com. Please see our Web site at www.unitedbondingllc.com for further information.

Peter R. Johnson, Licensed Producer and Owner/Member
United Bonding of Illinois LLC
P. O. Box 3158
Barrington, IL 60011-3158